The SERES Project

Synthesis of Everglades Research and Ecosystem Services


Synthesis of Everglades Research and Ecosystem Services (SERES) is a project intended to produce a body of scientific work that synthesizes field data, historical information and modeling results of the last 1-2 decades of intensive Everglades freshwater research.

The project team has finalized the literature review phase, from emerging scientific results that are pertinent to the refinement of long-term restoration goals and targets in South Florida, and to the design of restoration projects to move toward those goals. 

One express purpose of the synthesis of scientific information is to communicate science to restoration managers by outlining restoration options, and the ecosystem consequences of various actions.  The products include not only detailed technical analyses, but also clear summaries of the information prepared for restoration managers.


This project is funded by the Critical Ecosystems Studies Initiative (CESI), National Park Service